Says Delivered. No Package.

We're sorry for your frustration. First off, we've got you protected. Every package is insured by us and will be replaced once we establish your package is lost. No need to wait for the claim or check from USPS. We'll take care of that. The good news is, in the 20 years we've been servicing 1000's of customers online, USPS has lost only a few. They're record is wonderful.

We utilize USPS First Class mail and exactly why we track every package. As much as we rely on the Postal Service, they're human too and we've found that they can mistake a Street Address, Cities or entire states! There are times they mistake "RD = Road" and try to deliver to a "PL - Place" as example. Deliver to the wrong address and scan delivered.

Most times they've left it with your neighbor or in a bush or behind a flower pot at your address. If you've checked these places and would like an exact location with latitude and longitude of where the package was scanned, your local post office has what is called GEOTrack by USPS. Some new Postal Employees may not know about this, but it exists inside the staff back end of the USPS website  and they can access it on a computer inside the USPS office. This will show you on Google Maps/Earth where the Postman was standing when he/she scanned delivered. This is a tremendous tool, most do not know about. Just visit your local Post Office and ask for help. Once the package is located, they'll get to work for you. If you need our assistance, please contact us.

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