Says Shipped & In transit. No Progress.

We're with you. Being able to access reliable tracking information is helpful for many reasons. Most of all, relief and planning. There are many reasons your tracking number doesn't show exactly where in the system it is yet and here are a few we experience often.

  1. Label was created and order is nearing completion for shipment. 
  2. Order shipped, but local Post Office missed the 7pm daily scan before putting the package on the truck for the next departure hub. 
  3. Package was incorrectly scanned and continued to ship through the system and is in transit and will eventually catch up in the tracking system. 
  4. Says delivered to a different state a long time ago!! Before I even ordered! (USPS recycles tracking numbers and have not updated the system yet for your new label.
  5. Tracking number is longer than usual. (USPS recycles tracking numbers, for real.)
  6. Backlogged in a distribution facility and awaiting staffing/scan. This can happen often during weather outages and severe weather.

During COVID-19 2020/2021. We've noticed occasional and unusual habits of the USPS. Skipping scans, missing scans and sudden delivery attempts even though the tracking says its several states away. That said, the only thing USPS ever mistakes is scanning. In 20 years, they've only ever lost a small handful of packages and are rather reliable.

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