My Order is Incorrect or Missing Items!

First off,

We sincerely  apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. It is never our intention as we fully understand the need to utilize our CGM & Insulin pumps. We too are diabetic and relate with you. We will investigate the issue and make appropriate changes to avoid this every happening again. Let's find out what's wrong.

Please use the "contact us form" and submit your issue in writing so that we can open a service ticket on your behalf.

Please be prepared to file a claim and include:

  1. Fill out the Missing Items Claim Form and follow the instructions on that page to receive expedited processing.
  2. Pictures of your package and it's contents.
  3. A picture of the included itemized packing slip.
  4. A detailed explanation of your issue or what you feel is wrong.

Be prepared to upload pictures of your packing slip and pictures of packaging related to your claim. Again, we apologize for your frustration and hope we can satisfy your needs right away. Our goal is to have you protected and functional right away.

Helpful FAQ Page

We have compiled an FAQ page you can browse at anytime for common questions and answers. If there is something we've missed or you have more questions, please contact us.

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