How do I file a warranty claim?

Our Freedom Cases come with a full lifetime replacement warranty. The first replacement is completely free of charge. Beyond the first time replacement, each claim will always be free of charge.  Standard shipping is required thereafter.

Use this link to file your warranty replacement request. Be sure to follow the instructions on the above link. This short process will complete a warranty claim free of charge and provide a tracking for you to follow the claim process. We process warranty each busness day at 10am PST.

Our Freedom Cases have a lifetime warranty replacement as long as detailed pictures are loaded of the damaged or broken case for visual inspection. The same color will be sent that is in the original order.

Freedom Bands are guaranteed against Craftsman errors and will also he inspected for possible replacement as expected.

Please have pictures and a description of your situation ready so we can help. The more information you provide, the better and faster we are able and want to help you. We want happy customers. Once you submit the information, we will have it on file under your email address provided, always. You will be able to log onto your user account to check status at anytime.

Important: You must use the account that was used to purchase the original items. Otherwise, your claim will he denied.

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