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We're very sorry to hear you are not satisfied with your Freedom Band. We rarely receive requests for a return, but we're still here for you. Let's see if we can help you. We worked very hard to measure, size and create it just for you and every band is designed to fit perfectly the sizes selected.

Is it about sizing?Please watch our sizing video here.

If you are here because you feel the band doesn't fit right, we want to make sure you are familiar with proper sizing of the two bands provided in each package. Many times, because we ship them connected together and setup for use on the waist, it may appear only one band is in your package, you might be surprised there are actually two and a whole world of adjustment opportunity. They're designed to be used alone or together to fit the sizing that was selected during the initial order process. Please watch our sizing video here. If you are still ready to proceed with a return, you can create an RMA return here. Packages sent back without an RMA will be refused by post carrier. Once you are ready, please proceed to the returns & exchange center.

If you are still unsatisfied, let's try to help you satisfy the desire to return process:

Important note: For a claim to be approved, the return inquiry must:

1. Include a picture of the product in your possession you are wanting to return.
2. Include a picture of the invoice recipient that was included with your package.
3. Please proceed to the returns & exchange center.

Due to COVID-19:  Because we ship to many immune compromised customers, out of respect we are unable to cross contaminate items for everyone's safety.  Some items may be unavailable for return. These items are listed in the terms of sale and policies below. Please find this information in the full return policy. Please proceed to the returns & exchange center.

Basic Return Policy Outline & Exchange FAQ

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We have compiled an FAQ page you can browse at anytime for common questions and answers. If there is something we've missed or you have more questions, please contact us.

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